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If Your Messaging Doesn’t Work, You Lose Customers, Time & Money.

  • Do you feel like your clients don’t “get it”?
  • Do you have media you aren’t proud of?
  • Are you awesome, but no one knows about it?
  • Does your marketing provide the profit you want?
  • Have you paid for marketing that did not get you ROI?
  • Do you have multiple vendors with their own direction?

Most businesses have UNCLEAR MARKETING & MEDIA they are NOT PROUD OF.

through media you are PROUD of and that makes you PROFITABLE!

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Clear Messaging

Creating a compelling narrative is part of our DNA, and we’ll make it a part of yours, too.

Relevant Media

Do you really need that? We’ll tell you the best way to reach your customers.

Profitable Results

When story and media fit together, the rest comes easy. Finally get the results you’re looking for!

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As a business owner, I had marketing and media material. But I wasn’t proud of it. More importantly, I was not getting the ROI on it I desired. Clearly Relevant not only listened to my needs, but guided me through the process of creating collateral that actually helps me profit. Now I have media and marketing that is clean! My pride and my profit are now on a much higher level.

Grant Botma, Business Owner

Step 1

MEET with us at a time that works for YOU!

Step 2

No need to prepare – SHOW UP and we’ll create a custom plan that delivers RESULTS.

Step 3

RELAX and receive our complete worry-free service!

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We understand what it’s like to waste time and money on marketing. This is why, over the past 6 years, we have helped small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike, create compelling narratives that connect your vision with your customer’s reality. In fact, we’re known around these parts for cracking open minds and giving clients revelations they didn’t even know they needed. You’ll know who our clients are, because they’ll probably tell you. In fact, that’s probably why you’re here now!

Clearly Relevant knows you want to be a proud and profitable business owner. To achieve that, you need marketing and media you are proud of. The problem is your messaging is confusing your customers which makes you feel frustrated, stressed, and even ashamed. Your message should be so clear, you never have to explain your business!

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Meet with us at a time that works for you.

  2. We’ll create a custom plan that delivers results.

  3. Relax and receive content that you are proud of.

We are eager to get started on a plan for you that puts all of your needs into actionable steps so that you can WIN! What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment, so you can stop losing time and money and instead focus on what you love doing!

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